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Benefits of Club Hub
    • You'll find it always on, all day every day.

    • You can access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

    • It is accessible by all with different areas and permissions for your administrators, members.

    • No PC Software  required - all you need is a web browser.

    • Build your own website with Agoria*

    • It would save you time by simplifying your club administration and allowing you to share tasks with your colleagues more easily!

    • You would easily cope with staff or committee personnel changes because there would be no files to hand-over!

    • Your members would be able to take responsibility for keeping their own details up-to-date and renewing their memberships online - saving you valuable admin time.

    • Your membership could increase as a result of the convenient Online Registration facility and ability to pay online.

    • You would save time on administration of New Members because they can Register Online (saving you from entering their details).

    • You would save time on banking duties by taking advantage of Online Records reducing the amount time taken to keep track of cheques, standing orders and cash

    • Automatic renewal of membership by Debit or Credit Card for all fee categories and periods.

    • Group Membership for families, partners and corporate members.

    • Archive members after failed renewals.

    • Email or Post overdue members.

    • A database accessible to all would mean there was only one place to keep everything up-to-date

    • You could communicate more easily with your members using the email facility or mail-merge downloads for your selected member groups making your communications fast and efficient

    • Emails sent to members are stored in their member area.

    • emails sent by members are stored in their member areaa

    • Most of your club (those with internet access) would be well informed of the latest news and events by checking their emails or the website and therefore would have a stronger sense of involvement. You would therefore most likely find you have increased support and participation in club activities.

    • Your events are automatically displayed on the website along with the ability to reserve and pay, or simply reserve a place

    • Members booked or reserved can be emailed directly of any changes due to weather, location or transport

    • Events can be copied or repeated saving time creating regular events.

    • Payments for events can be logged and event success reported

    • Event organisers can manage their own events

    • Events can be shared with partner clubs or your own network of clubs. Providing you with a larger number of potential attendees.

    • Your Club Secretary would no longer feel like a one-person Directory Enquiries Service as all verified club members would be able to access contact information from the Directory on the website! This works on a permission only basis.

    • Your members (and parents of juniors) would receive increased convenience and service both because they would have a complete club information system at their finger tips and because your staff and volunteers would have more time to dedicate to their needs.

    • Your club's image and procedures would be appear more professional.

    • Your data would be kept safe as all databases are backed-up daily.