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How it Works

You design you website and menus and then add your content, Agoria's web-site builder is flexible and full of features. these are called modules and can be include anywhere in your content pages:-

These modules include

    • Fully Automated application process

    • Web based forms for applications

    • Fee Categories which are unlimited and allow for different payment intervals

    • Group Memberships for Families, Groups, Companies

    • Different membership fees depending on membership type

    • Different Access for membership types

    • Membership application confirmation e-mails

    • Payment by Credit / Debit cards

    • Automatic Renewal Reminders

    • Renewal Prompts at login "keep your members"

    • Always on your members and administrators all access the same database

    • Import your current member list

    • Self managed member direcory (members set their own data and it's visibility)