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The Club Hub
 BackOffice gives you the ability to spend your time planning and holding events, rather than a considerable amount of your time and resources managing your membership lists.

Once you begin to use the Club Hub and its tools you will experience the benefits of all the time-saving features. 

You will see how you can easily:-

  • Build your website
  • List Events
  • Promote your events to members
  • Promote your events to non-members
  • List attendance
  • Maintain your membership list
  • Check for late membership payments
  • Manage multiple membership types
    • Single 
    • Joint (Family, Partners)
    • Concessions
    • Joining fees
  • Income Budgets.
  • Assign roles to Members, to help manage
    • Website Content
    • Events
    • Mailing 
    • Renewals
    • Forums